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Concrete Screed


We are able to lay powerfloat concrete toppings which are extremely durable and create a good wearing surface where no other floor finish is required. This may be within a composite structural floor or over insulation. Also compatible with underfloor heating.

insert-2-1Anhydrite Screed (Tarmac Truflow, Lafarge Gyvlon)

This is a flowing floor screed using an alpha hemihydrate calcium sulphate. An advantage is that the screed is immediately ready to use following delivery.

Anhydrite screed is less labour intensive and quicker to lay with one team able to complete up to 10 times more area than traditional screeds. In contrast to most screeds shrinkage and curing is unlikely or minimal. It may also be laid to reduced thicknesses over insulation.

It is able to be used in all traditional locations as well as in dry conditions, providing an excellent finished surface.

insert-2-2Anhydrite screeds are perfect for incorporating thermal and acoustic insulation, underfloor heating and electrical services are easily accommodated.

A first class completed surface provides a suitable base for all final floor finishes.