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Quick Drying Screed


Sand and Cement Screed

Ready to use on the following bases:-

  1. On concrete ground floor slabs and suspended floors either direct or over damproof membranes also over an insulating layer
  2. On Pre-casr concrete roof or floor units & beams
  3. As a topping over other lightweight aggregate screeds

Tarmac Truscreed & Cemex Early Strenght Screed

A high performance cement and sand levelling screed suitable for all kinds of floor finishes. The water content is much lower than ordinary screeds. Instead of water a superplasticising admixture is used to ensure workability in the absence of water.

insert-1-2Due to the lower water contnet the screed will achieve approximately.

70% more stenght and dry out much quicker than ordinary screeds.

Fibre Screed

Developed as a factory mixed sand and cement levelling screed with polypropylene fibres which reduces the likelihood of cracking.
Fibrescreed is suitable for use in applications where there would be a high cost in the loss of use of the building through a failure in the floors. This is common in hospitals, retail areas, industrial and office building.

Fibrescreed is ideal for use with underfloor heating.